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Fishing tourism

The lake in Sunnerby is a part of a big wetland system with 380 ha fishing water in the Highlands of Småland. The system winds for 20 km in a lobed lake and river system. The lakes are nutritious, disposed in the middle of an active farming area. The water depth varies between two and four meters, but there is also some deeper holes which are popular fishing areas. The water empties eventually in the lake Lagan. 

The system holds much pike, perch, roach, bream, tench and rudd. There
is also pike-perch, the largest catch is 8,6 kg. Pikes of arround 12 kg has aslo been caught. The area is known ans sought-after by special fishermen. There have been international angle contests and local fishing clubs usually have angle contest in the system. The surrounding is beautiful and varying, it is alternating between arable, pasture and forest. Fishermen who go out in dawn and dusk are likely to see moose and other game.

Fishing license can be purchased online at the website of Vrigstad Fiskevårdsområde.

Here is a depth map of the nearest lakes in the system.


Rowing boat                               included in the cottage rent
Electric motor                            45€/week, 10€/day (two batteries and charger is included)

For fishing license prices, see website of Vrigstad Fiskevårdsområde, link above.