Sunnerby Södergård

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-Floating sauna

-Fishing tourism



-Meat sales

-Forestry work

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Sunnerby Lantbruk

Sunnerby Södergård is located in the Highlands of Småland, 2 km south of Vrigstad, along the Lagan Upper lake. There is room for peace and quiet but also for adventure with many possibilities for activities.

The main areas of the farm are agriculture and forestry. The land is kept well managed with a hundred cows and calves, of the breeds Charolais, Simmental, Aberdeen Angus and crosses between theese breeds. The farm run by the brothers Per and Olof Carlsson with families. The original farm was bought by Per and Olof's great-grandfather in the early 1900s, but has grown and evolved through the generations since then.

Tourism is also a part of the company and we have two charming cottages for rent, which is carefully restored. Fishing, boat and canoe excursions is a couple of many relaxing activities among with a forest walk or bike ride along the winding paths and small roads in the countryside. The surrounding area is rich in wildlife and bird life.