Sunnerby Södergård

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-Floating sauna

-Fishing tourism



-Meat sales

-Forestry work

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Around the cottage

Walk or ride a bike on trails in the woods. Bring a basket and pick mushrooms or berries in late summer. Take the boat early in the morning or at dusk and watch for wildlife along the rivers and enjoy the silence.
Activity room
In close proximity to the rental cottages there is a large activity room with ping pong table, pool table and space for e.g. floorball. In addition, there is a nice bar counter and sofa groups. 

If you bring bikes you can ride along the watercourses. We also have some bikes for rent. Maybe bring a picnic basket. Maps of adequate roads can be provided.

Good fishing both summer and winter.
Here you fish in an area with many small lakes and can get pike, perch, roach and bream. Trolling with a spinning rod is popular, but to fish with bait might be more peaceful! Rowing boat is available and electrical motor is available for rent. Equipment for ice fishing can be rented. You can find more information about the fishing area and also buy fishing license online at the website of Vrigstad Fiskevårdsområde.

Follow us around the farm
Take a tour with us around the farm and look after the animals. During February-March the cows gives birth and need additional oversight. During May to September we visit the animals on the pastures.

The two cottages share a canoe. Use it for a trip in the watercourses. There is also a possibility to rent canoes from ”Adventure of Småland”

Floating Sauna
Enjoy the heat in the floating sauna together with cool baths in the lake.
Take a bath in the Sunnerby lake. Nearby there are also several other nice outdoor swimming places.

There is a nice observation tower with a view over the Sunnerby lake.

Nearby (3-30km)

The nature reserve Hatten
Hike along the forest paths and visit the waterfall in the nature reserve Hatten. The area is varied with heights, slopes, ravines and flat wetlands. 

Visit the highest point in southern Sweden. Climb the 12 meter high tower and enjoy the view. 

Learn how to paddle kayak or rent a kayak for a daily trip from Allgunnen in Rörvik all the way home to Sunnerbysjön. Visit the website of Kajakhaket for more information.

Great golf courses are nearby. Hooks and Värnamo GK are two top golf courses. For more courses visit Småland's Golf Association

In door swimming (15km)
In Sävsjö äventyrsbad you can swim, ride a water slide and relax in the sauna or the whirlpool. 

Sävsjö Boda Borg (15km)
Challenge! The Adventure House of Boda Borg is an adventure in which cooperation, resourcefulness and flexibility are combined. Make teams of 3-5 people and you will have guaranteed hours of fun at Boda Borg.

Sävsjö Shooting Range (15km)
Sävsjö Shooting Range is one of Europe's largest indoor facilities for shooting. Here you can practise with an instructor on the gun-arc and rifle shooting. Using the simulator, you can practise your skill for elk and deer hunting. You can also challenge in a nice pentathlon.

Climbing wall (15km)
Climbing wall in Sävsjö.
Lövshult Tourist Center (25km)
Visit Lövshults Turistcenter and find an adventure village, football golf and horse riding among other activities.

Second hand/antiques (2,5 km)
In Vrigstad there are several antique dealers ( To make second-hand bargains, Erikshjälpen is also recommended, which also works for charity purposes. 

Bank museum, Vrigstad (2,5km)
Bank Museum and Citizens' Home from the turn of the century. Exhibitions with bookmarks, bank machines, cash registers, etc.

Old-fashioned country store in Modahl (15km)
A country store like it appeared a hundred years ago. The store has been around since 1898 and is now run by the fourth generation.

Ohsabanan and café (30km)
Ohsabanan is a museum railway. It is a narrow-track utility railway with steam locomotives and wagons from the turn of the century. (

Nydala Monastery (15km)
Nydala Monastery (Nova Vallis) was a cultural center in the Middle Ages. The monastery was founded in 1143 by cistercian monks. The church was invaded in 1266. The church and ruins of the monastery's buildings are left.

Café & Restaurant in Nydala (15km)

Timjan Café & Restaurant, Flahult, 15 km from Vrigstad (17km)
Café, restaurant, herb garden, garden shop, playground and forest walks.

Suzis Café, Nya Hjälmseryd (12km)
Café with a lovely spirit from the 50's.

Smedjan store & café, Möcklehult, Lammhult (22km)
Café with simple food and home baked bread. Handicrafts and interior products for sale.
Insta: smedjans_butik_cafe

Hjälmsbodarna-Café, 7km söder om Nya Hjälmseryd (18km)
Eva Spångbergs Björkelund (Gamla Hjälmseryd) (4km)
Watch the wooden sculptures from the Bible by Eva Spångberg and meet the animals at Björkelund.
Gardens in Sävsjö (17km)
Lush greenery and unique flower arrangements in the street environment.

Komstad mill and café, Komstad, Sävsjö (13km)

Forssa Kvarnagård (23km)
Mill, flour and study visits.

Furniture design (23km)
Experience furniture design at its best. The famous designer Bruno Mathsson has his roots in the area. In the known furniture stores of Lammhult you can find much inspiration.

A little further away…

Moose park (100-130km)
Visit the king of the forest. There are many moose parks in Småland, for example Elinge Älgpark (100km), Markaryds älgsafari (130km) or Virum Älgpark (130km).

Glasriket /District of glass and glass-blowing
Experience the fascinating spectacle when skilled glaziers tames the red-hot molten glass into beautiful crystal glass. See for more information.

Astrid Lindgren’s World (115km)
In Vimmerby, you can visit Astrid Lindgren’s World. Here you can meet Pippi Longstocking and your other favorite Astrid Lindgren characters for real.

High Chaparral (60km)
Experience the WIld West at High Chaparral. An exciting day for both children and adults.

Forest adventure with zip line by Little Rock Lake (~70km)
A many-hour adventure in the great forest in Småland. Experience the forests, creeks and lakes from a breathtaking perspective high above the forest landscape. Experience the feeling of flying, moving in high-altitude and high-speed in the 150-year-old forest landscape. Located ~ 30km south of Vetlanda.

Skiing (2,5-80km)
Go skiing in Isaberg, the largest ski resort in the southern of Sweden. Other ski slopes in the area is Högagärde in Sävsjö and Kettilsås in Vetlanda.